How Does a Wireless Modem Work?


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Wireless modems allow a computer to send signals back and forth, turning digital information into analogue sound signals at one end and then turning it back again at the other end. They use electromagnetic waves to transmit modulated data.

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Wireless modems modulate the computer's digital signal and transmit it along the telephone line. Once the signals reach the other end, it demodulates them back to the original digital form. They are directly connected to a consumer's wireless Internet Service Provider via satellite means for the purpose of gaining Internet access.

Normally, the modem automatically makes a call and uploads data without human intervention. Otherwise, the user can manually cause the modem to make a call by pressing and holding the call button for about two seconds. It is advisable to locate the modem away from other electronic devices to reduce or eliminate extraneous noises.

The modem receives signals transmitted via a wireless router and transmits it to permit Internet access.These types of modems allow mobility, as they offer the freedom to work from anywhere. They provide data connectivity to large masses and also make data communication possible in places that are not easily accessible. This makes the devices highly convenient.

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