Which Wireless Headphones Are Compatible With Vacuum Tube Television Sets?


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As long as the television has audio-output connectors, installing a wireless audio transmitter should take less than five minutes. Depending on the wireless transmitter used to broadcast the tube television’s audio, most wireless headphones should be compatible.

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Most CRT/tube televisions sets, though they were built before wireless, have audio-output jacks to connect to stereo equipment and output jacks for headphones. If an older television has either, then wireless headphones via a wireless audio transmitter should be compatible.

It is possible to buy a standalone wireless transmitter. An example of this is Anker’s Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Transmitter and Audio Receiver 2-in-1 Adapter for headphones, televisions and computers. Using industry-standard Bluetooth and an audio cable, the transmitter converts television audio to wireless and sends it to the headphones. This Anker transmitter is available for less than $40 from Amazon and other electronics retailers, as of March 2015. If a television has a 0.25-inch headphone jack, users can buy a stereo-headphone adapter to change it to a 3.5 millimeter connector for less than $2.

Sharper Image offers universal wireless headphones, model number SHP921, with a wireless transmitter. This connects to the television’s audio output or headphone jack. The Sharper Image SHP921 is available for about $26 from retailers such as Amazon.

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