How Do You Wire a Security Camera in Your Home?


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To wire a home security camera, determine the precise location of the camera and the type of video cables to be used. Check whether the camera will use a local or remote power source to determine the length of power cables needed. Test the cameras, mount them, and run the cables to complete the wiring.

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Before wiring a security camera in the home, check whether the security system is analog or digital to determine the correct type of video cables and connectors to be used. If the camera connects to its power source within a few feet of it, cables supplied along with camera should suffice. If a remote power source is used, Siamese cables that run video and power cables under one jacket simplify the wiring process.Test the security camera cables by connecting a camera to the DVR and the power supply.

Cut the desired length of cable that is needed from the mounted camera to DVR and power supply and splice it after determining which end of the cable is for the camera and which goes into the DVR. Plug one end of the video cable into the DVR and the other end into the camera. Strip off a small section of the jacket of each wire from the power cable and match the wire colors when inserting them into the camera or DVR pigtail before connecting it to the main power supply. Staple wires to walls or drill holes and fish cables through concealed panels for a clean appearance.

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