How Do You Wire Cat5 Cable?


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In order to wire a CAT5 cable, you need a crimping tool and RJ-45 connectors. Start by measuring the distance between the computer or laptop and the network device. This allows you to decide how much CAT5 cable you need to purchase.

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  1. Thread the category 5 cable

    Use a crimping tool to place the category 5 cable through the cutting hole. Add an extra inch of space to be safe. Next, use the tool to cut the cable.

  2. Place the wires in the right order

    Squeeze the crimping tool gently to expose the wires. You can also use a knife to strip the insulation from the wires. If you don't use all the wires, twist the wires you're not using together, and push them out of the way. Next, place the wires you're using in order. The correct order of wires is white/orange, white/green, blue, white/blue, green and white/brown.

  3. Connect to the RJ-45 jack

    Connect all the wires to the RJ-45 jack. With the crimping tool, cut the wires to make them all the same length. Carefully push the wires until they are fixed in the connector. Use wire staples to fix the cable to the floor joists. If possible, run the cable through a crawl space.

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