What Is Windows Upgrade Advisor?


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The Windows Upgrade Advisor scans your computer to ensure compatibility with Windows 7. The program scans your computer’s installed programs, devices and hardware to confirm adherence with Windows 7 system requirements. The program provides a report that indicates incompatible components and the steps needed to upgrade or replace said components.

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The Windows Upgrade Advisor is an essential precautionary test if you are upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows Vista or XP. The program is available for download on Microsoft’s website. Before downloading the program, be sure to activate and plug in devices that you routinely use with the computer you are planning to upgrade. After scanning your computer, the Windows Upgrade Advisor provides a report on which devices or programs need replacing or updating before the switch to Windows 7 is undertaken.

After making the necessary updates to your system’s installed devices software or hardware, run the Windows Upgrade Advisor scan for a second time. The subsequent scan affirms system compatibility by taking into account your updates. If compatibility problems persist, the program will provide further instruction to resolve the issue.

The Windows Upgrade Advisor is not to be confused with the Windows Upgrade Assistant, which is a compatibility check for Windows 8.

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