What Is Windows PowerShell?


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Windows PowerShell is a computing environment that consists of a command-line shell and scripting language built on the framework. It is used for automating tasks and managing configurations.

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Windows PowerShell allows computer users to enter command-line prompts in a way that they find familiar; however, instead of these commands just resulting in strings of characters on the screen, Windows PowerShell deals with objects, which are structured packets of information.

Using internal commands called cmdlets, users can generate and manipulate objects as well as changing their properties, extracting information and invoking methods on them. The objects that the cmdlets interact with can represent folders, files, network services and drivers. As well as entering single cmdlets interactively, users can also create scripts and batch files comprising multiple commands so that they can automate the execution conveniently and easily.

One of the main advantages of Windows PowerShell is that it eliminates some of the choices users would typically have to make because it comes with built-in design features such as sorting, as stated by Microsoft. This means that users can be consistent in the way they utilize Windows PowerShell, making system administration more manageable and allowing them to develop more robust scripts.

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