Why Does the Windows Installer Keep Appearing?


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The Windows Installer keeps appearing because of an unsuccessful installation or uninstallation of a software program. This causes errors in the Windows Registry, and the Windows Installer keeps on popping up, trying to complete the failed process.

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The Windows Installer is a program involved in the management of software in the computer, especially the installation and deletion of programs. It is built to be able to restore the computer to its previous state on occurrence of an installation failure, but in some instances the program reacts by continually popping up trying to complete the installation. If letting the Windows Installer complete its installation fails to work, then the install configuration files are corrupt.

Fixing this issue requires removal of these configuration files from the computer, and a good tool to use is the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. This program lists all the programs that use the installer, so all that’s required by the user is identifying the faulty program — which is usually named whenever the installer pops up. Select its name and click “Remove”, then reboot your computer. If that doesn’t work, the problem could be lying within the installer itself. Try downloading the latest Windows Installer and reinstalling it on your computer to fix this.

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