What Are "windows Benefits"?

Benefits of the Microsoft Windows operating system over other operating systems include its ease of use, backward compatibility with earlier versions of Windows, the extensive support that it offers for both new and old versions and ready availability of software for this operating system. The Windows OS is arguably the most user-oriented operating system on the market, designed to be usable without any prior knowledge of computers.

Although the Windows interface has changed drastically over the years, the core components of this operating system, such as the presence of the taskbar and the start menu, remain. Users that are familiar with earlier versions of Windows generally find it very easy to pick up the newer versions.

File navigation is also very easy in Windows, which is done using the visual interface of the Windows Explorer. This core feature makes it easy to organize files and folders in a hierarchical structure that makes them easy to retrieve without exhaustive, time-consuming searches.

Windows also boasts the largest selection of programs for any operating system. Many applications that are needed in specialized medical, legal, and technical contexts are still only available for Windows. Gaming is also best on a Windows PC because graphics drivers are well-developed on this platform.