What Are Some Windows 8 Tips for Beginners?

What Are Some Windows 8 Tips for Beginners?

Some Windows 8 tips for beginners include when working with a touchscreen, swipe in from the edges to bring up menus and other useful options. When using a mouse, click on the corners to bring up the Windows interface, notes TechRadar.

Another tip Windows 8 users should utilize is to visit the Windows Store often. There are tens of thousands of new apps arriving each month, and the apps will help users get the most from their machines, reports TechRadar.

SkyDrive is Microsoft's cloud drive. New Windows 8 users should familiarize themselves with SkyDrive as it is a good way to back up important files and documents. To use the cloud service, simply sign in using a Microsoft account. This is a solution to use if running low on hard drive space.

It is important for Windows 8 users to keep their drivers up to date. This is easily done by using Windows Update. Windows Update runs on the user's schedule and automatically downloads and installs system updates.

Users should get in the habit of using the quick access menu, located at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Right-click on the button to bring up a list of useful options.

To quickly reboot or shut down the system, hold down the Windows key and press I. The power button will pop up and the user can click on Shut Down or Restart.