How Do You Do a Windows 8 Full Install?


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Install Windows 8 by turning on the PC and inserting a flash drive or DVD that contains the Windows 8 operating system. Turn off the PC, and turn it back on. Press the key needed to boot either the DVD or the flash drive, and then start the installation.

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Before installing Windows 8, find the product key. The product key is located on the box in which the DVD was sold, or in a confirmation email if you purchased the operating system digitally. After entering the product key, Windows presents you with a license terms page. You must agree to the license terms to continue with the installation process.

Windows then prompts you with two options. You can install Windows 8 as an upgrade, retaining all of your old files, settings and applications, or a custom setting that installs Windows 8 without preserving old data

After you choose the installation process, Windows 8 asks you where to install the operating system. Select a hard drive for installation, and wait for the process to complete. Once Windows 8 finishes the installation process, you have the option to personalize the operating system. After this stage, the process is complete, and you can now log in.

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