What Is Windows 7 Home Premium?

What Is Windows 7 Home Premium?

Windows 7 Home Premium is considered the most high-end version of Windows 7 for home use. Features include Aero Glass and enhanced support for Windows Media Player.

Microsoft released several different versions of Windows 7, each optimized for different situations and customer needs. Home Premium focuses on multimedia features for home entertainment.

Home Premium is unique from the other home versions of Windows 7 in having built-in support for the MPEG-2 Video and Dolby Digital Plus standards. The lower-end home versions of Windows 7 also do not have built-in support for DVD playback. The AAC and AVC/H.264 codecs are also supported.

Home Premium comes with some software not included in the more basic home versions. Windows Media Center allows for the recording of digital video and is an additional media playback program. The Windows Aero interface also has distinct visual elements, like glass borders for windows and enhancements to touch functionality. It also has added control features, like shaking a window to minimize all windows and showing a thumbnail preview of minimized windows by hovering over them.

Some other features of Home Premium include Internet connection sharing and the inclusion of extra games. The Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions include all of the Home Premium features.