How Do You Get Free Wi-Fi Wherever You Go?


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To get free Wi-Fi wherever you go, access Wi-Fi from public and business places, use one from a cafe or food-chain restaurant, go to a bookstore, or head to a government building such as a library. Other options include using a smartphone application to find open Wi-Fi networks or investing in a portable hot spot.

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Many coffee shops, cafes and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi access to paying customers. As of 2015, several fast-food chains have Wi-Fi for customers, as well. Other public places, including government buildings or public parks, have free Wi-Fi access without a stipulation. Bookstores and big-box chains utilize open Wi-Fi, while other retail stores provide seasonal access during holiday months. Occasionally, gas stations, laundromats and locally owned businesses offer it.

As of 2015, some cities offer Muni Wi-Fi, which is city-wide free Wi-Fi access. It is not common because there are many issues yet to be overcome to make it truly secure and accessible. Many websites, mobile applications and some smartphones help users find free access to Wi-Fi by locating nearby networks. Portable hot spots are available through cell phone and Internet carriers and are paid monthly or yearly. Free Wi-Fi is less secure than secured W-Fi setups, so be aware that issues may occur.

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