What Does Wholesale Shopping Online Mean?


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Wholesale shopping online is the process of looking for goods at wholesale prices through Internet retailer sites. Wholesale products are usually sold in bulk at low prices to retail stores for individual sale at higher prices.

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Wholesalers are businesses that sell products to retailers. These companies usually buy directly from the source or are manufacturers to make their products available for purchase to stores and shops in large lots. The retailer then divides up that bulk purchase of inventory for individual resale at a price marked up to earn a profit.

It is also possible to find direct sellers online, who are wholesalers that sell products directly to the consumer at wholesale prices. When a customer is wholesale shopping online, they are purchasing direct sale goods from the wholesaler's website. There are also online stores that offer bulk items at wholesale pricing, but they are also retailers.

These businesses usually sell multiples of products still in their packaging from the wholesaler at a slight mark up. However, the cost is usually still low enough compared to individual purchase prices for products to be worth the investment for consumers. Some businesses claim to offer wholesale pricing, but their prices are not really that low. Consumers should do comparison shopping of bulk goods before purchase. When shopping online for wholesale goods, consumers must also take the shipping cost into consideration.

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