What is the Whisper app?


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The Whisper application is an app that lets users post secrets anonymously. The application also features an interactive angle, where other anonymous users can like or comment on the secret posts and send private messages to each other.

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Whisper is very similar to PostSecret in that it allows users to post their deepest, darkest secrets anonymously. It encourages users to share information that they would not necessarily volunteer on public social media networks such as Facebook or Twitter. However, it also has a visual and interactive angle. Users can choose an image from the network's database and experiment with different fonts. They can also interact with other users in the form of comments, likes and private messages.

Whisper began to seriously court advertisers in 2015, creating buzz in industry publications, such as AdWeek and Digiday. It started running advertisements from large brands, such as Coca-Cola and 20th Century Fox. The advertisements come in the form of sponsored posts and branded background images. Whisper also stressed its potential as a source of information for data marketers. Because users share so much information about themselves on the network, they can provide data for things like keyword marketing.

Not all of the buzz around Whisper has been positive. Because users are anonymous, it opens up a door for online predators and bullies. Several security issues were raised by publications, such as Huffington Post, which questioned the network's level of security. The app still records Internet protocol (IP) addresses and it can share that data if legal requirements call for it. Whisper also claims ownership of all posts and reserves the right to use that data as it sees fit.

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