What Were Some Features of Mac OS X 10.5?


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One of the features of Mac OS X 10.5 was the time machine that allowed the user to restore files deleted or replaced by another version of a file. Another feature was the multiple workspace utilities that allowed users to switch between several application windows to reduce clutter.

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Boot camp, another feature, allowed the installation and booting of other operating systems like Windows XP or Vista but on separate internal drives on Intel-based Macs. It was useful since it provided basic Windows compatibility and the ability to run Windows programs at native speeds.

According to Macworld, the Quick Look, which appeared through it, allowed users to view documents without opening them in an external application. This technology also made it possible to optionally set Finder views to display live previews of documents. In addition, the Mac featured a new and improved Automator with easy starting points to easily begin the work flow. It could also quickly create and edit work flows with the new interface improvements.

iChat made it possible to share files with friends. Users could also record iChat sessions as AAC audio or MPEG video files that were a significant feature for podcasters. iChat also implemented desktop sharing, an attribute previously available with Apple Remote Desktop.

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