What Are Some Well-Reviewed 32-Inch 4K Televisions?


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Few, if any 32-inch televisions with 4K resolution are available on the market as of 2016. Most 32-inch 4K screens are computer monitors rather than televisions, with the Samsung UD970 and the Dell UltraSharp UP3214Q considered among the top performers at this size and resolution.

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The 4K resolution is unpopular for television manufacturers at the 32-inch size partially due to the economics of panel manufacture making it too expensive to manufacture displays at that resolution and size. In addition, many people purchasing televisions prefer to sit further away from their television and therefore prefer a larger 4K display. However, 32-inch computer monitors are ideally sized for many users and are often aimed at a higher-priced professional market, justifying the expense of their manufacture.

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