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WebSphere is IBM’s integration software platform. It is a wide-ranging bundle of Java-based tools to create and manage complex business websites. WebSphere includes servers, services and the company’s entire middleware infrastructure required to create, administer and monitor web applications and cross-platform solutions.

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The WebSphere application server is the central tool within the WebSphere package. The application server connects website users with servlets, which are Java programs that run on the server — as opposed to Java applets, which run on the user’s computer.

WebSphere offers several tools to create a more flexible and faster Java server runtime environment with improved performance and reliability for creating and running an assortment of applications. The software supports a multitude of business environments and server sizes. WebSphere comes in a variety of packages to fit the needs of small, medium and large businesses.

WebSphere is used by businesses to bolster connectivity and integration between the organization and its suppliers, partners and customers. The technology includes extensive facilities and tools to help the operator build, run and optimize their business applications. It is effective in increasing developer productivity through its broad programming and open standards. In addition to Java, the software supports open-standard interfaces, and is designed for use across multiple operating systems.

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