Which Websites Sell Replacement Batteries for Books?


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Online sores that carry replacement batteries for e-books include RadioShack.com, Newegg.com and BatteriesInAFlash.com. Big chains rarely carry e-book batteries on the shelf, so most purchases must be made online.

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The online vendor BatteriesInAFlash.com sells replacement batteries for a variety of ebooks, including the Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader, Nexto and Novel, as well as batteries for older models of these brands. Although not as well known as the other vendors, this website has a high user review rating from resellerratings.com.

The online electronics giant Newegg.com sells e-book batteries for the Kindle and Nook, but lacks an e-book battery search category. Users who prefer an established chain can visit the RadioShack website, though their selection of batteries is limited to the Kindle and Sony Reader. Sears and Best Buy both carry wide selections, but their batteries are sold through third-party vendors rather than the chains themselves.

Much like a phone or laptop, e-books use lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged over and over again for several years. However, even the most durable e-book battery eventually stops holding a charge and must be replaced. For most e-books, including the Kindle and Nook, replacing the old battery requires removing the rear case to access the battery compartment. The tight case can be wedged open with a plastic spudger or an old credit card.

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