What Websites Provide Previews to Upcoming Movies?

What Websites Provide Previews to Upcoming Movies?

Previews of upcoming movies are available on Comingsoon.net, IMDb, Movieinsider.com, Fandago.com and Moviefone.com as of 2015. Visitors can obtain information about movie release dates, plot summaries and casts from these websites.

Comingsoon.net lists upcoming movies in the New Releases section of its Movies page. The website indicates the movie's title, director, genre and release date. It also provides a plot summary and names of the starring actors.

IMDb provides a title, summary and names of directors for each upcoming movie. It has several links that users can follow to watch trailers or add movies to their watchlists. Viewers can also sort the available list of movies by date and month.

Movieinsider.com categorizes upcoming movies by the year of release. It specifies each movie's title, genre, plot summary and rating information. Each movie has a thumbnail that acts as an active link to its preview.

Fandago.com features filters for upcoming movies by genre. The site offers subscriptions for free email updates and fan texts. Visitors can rate available movies based on the accuracy and quality of the previews.

Moviefone.com provides a platform where visitors can search movies by popularity and genre. The site provides links for advance ticket sales and opt-ins for movie updates on Facebook and Twitter.