What Websites Provide Detailed Information About Catholicism?

Websites that provide detailed information about Catholicism includes religion-specific website, such as Catholic.org, AboutCatholics.com, Patheos.com and ReligionFacts.com, and general information websites, such as Wikipedia. Depending on the web site's narrative approach, the information can be displayed in a purely informative format or in a belief-centered format. Certain websites, such as Patheos.com and ReligionFacts.com, displays information on Catholicism through a historical viewpoint that describes its founding and structure.

Catholic.org provides information on Catholicism's core belief system through a framework of God's commandments. The website also provides info on various traditional Catholic rituals, including various prayers, accessories, confession guides and a description of the various forms of sin. Catholic.org includes resources for both prospective entrants to the religion with information on the Seven Sacraments, an explanation on Mass and the Holy Days of Obligation. Similar information is also found on the About Catholics website.

Patheos.com and ReligionFacts.com are both religion-focused websites that provide general information regarding Catholicism. Patheos.com includes Quick Facts about Catholicism, such as its formation time period, period of origin, number of approximate followers, headquarters and sacred texts. The web site's Roman Catholicism page also includes a historical quick facts approach with significant events and a link to its sources. ReligionFacts.com provide information on Catholicism's history and a summary of the church's organizational structure.

Wikipedia hosts an article about the Catholic religion and includes a wide variety of information types, such as the church's organization, the religion's doctrine, history, and its approach to social and cultural issues.