Are All Websites Offering Free Gift Card Codes a Scam?


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Although most websites offering free gift card codes are scams, some legitimate websites may offer free gift cards to as a way to promote their content. Customers should exercise their best judgement when signing up for such websites.

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Scam websites often put fake certificates, customer reviews and pictures that supposedly prove their legitimacy. They may also ask users to share the website on social media to trick more people. If a website asks for personal information, including a phone number, it is very likely to be a scam website. Moreover, some scam websites may put sales contracts in small letters when demanding personal information. As such, the user actually pays for a product rather than receiving free codes.

One method that scam websites use is to register URLs that look similar to actual websites, such as "Amozon.com" or "facabook.com," for instance.

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