What Websites Offer Reverse Email Lookup Services?

websites-offer-reverse-email-lookup-services Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Websites offering reverse email lookup services include AddressSearch.com, EmailFinder.com and eLookup.com. AddressSearch.com is completely free to use, but EmailFinder.com and eLookup.com require paid memberships. Reverse email lookup services cannot match every email address to a name.

Reverse email address lookup services allow users who know an email address to find the identity of the owner of that address. Some websites provide additional contact information.

The Address Search website provides users with the first name and last initial of a person it finds associated with an email address. It also provides the general location and other information about a person and his email provider, if this information is available. Limited information, including first name and last initial only, is provided for the owner of an email address because of privacy concerns.

Email Finder provides members access to a proprietary directory compiled from public records, phone books and other online databases for reverse email lookups. This site provides names and mailing addresses associated with any email address.

ELookup.com provides access to a directory of 120 million email addresses for a monthly membership fee. Members can conduct unlimited searches of email addresses to find names, street addresses, phone numbers and social network information related to email address owners.