What Websites Let People Track Their Phone Number for Free?

Free phone number tracking services are available on the Microsoft account services page for Windows Phone users, the Android device manager page for Android users and Apple’s iCloud page for iPhone users. In addition to tracking the location of a phone, these sites allow users to remotely lock and erase the contents on missing phones.

To track a Windows Phone, users must first sign into the phone with a Microsoft account. Using the same credentials on the Microsoft account services page, users can click Find My Phone to see the location of the device on a map. On the same page, users can also dial the phone or follow the on-screen instructions to lock or erase the phone.

To track an iPhone, users can log on to their iCloud accounts or access the Find My iPhone app. Users can set the device to a lost mode to see where the iPhone has been in addition to its current location. Users can also remotely set the lock screen message to provide owner contact information.

To track an Android phone, users must first activate the Android Device Manager app on the phone, located under Google Settings or Settings, and turn on remote tracking and remote lock and reset functions. Users must also turn on location access in the settings. The device manager page at the Android website allows users to track the device once they activate these features.