What Websites Contain Medical Pictures of Arthritis of the Hands and Fingers?


Two good websites that provide photographs and x-rays of hands and fingers with arthritis are WebMD and About.com. The former has a scrolling slideshow that features diagrams of how arthritis works, while the latter has a gallery of photos of people's hands with arthritis.

OrthoInfo, a website provided by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, has photos of arthritic symptoms in the hands and fingers, and it features a good article on the many facets of arthritis, such as how it occurs and how to deal with it. The photos each showcase a key element of arthritis in the hands and fingers. OrthoInfo's photos are also medically informative; they include not only photo examples of arthritic hands but also x-rays of surgical treatments and prostheses.

Images of arthritic hands can also be found through Google; click on the Images option and use the search bar to search for medical pictures of arthritis in hands and fingers. This gives a more random grouping of photos, with anything popping up that relates to the keywords used in the search bar. WebMD, About.com and OrthoInfo are legitimate websites that have carefully chosen the photos used in their articles. These photos are medically reliable.