What Are the Best Websites for Free Clipart of Dogs?


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Two websites that have a wide variety of free clipart of dogs are Classroom Clipart and Public Domain Clipart. Each of these websites have various dog clipart and animations that are free and available for download.

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There are a number of internet sites, such as Free Clipart Now, that provide public domain, royalty-free clipart that is available for download. When art is in the public domain, it means that the rights to the art are not owned by anyone, so it can be used by anyone. Royalty-free means that an individual who uses the art does not need to pay royalties to the creator or owner of that art. It is important to note whether a clipart image that is downloaded from the internet is indeed in the public domain, so that it does not get used illegally.

To find dog clipart on a public domain clipart website, simply type a keyword such as "dogs" or "puppies" into the search bar on the website. Classroom Clipart and Public Domain Clipart both offer free downloads of their dog clipart, but the free downloaded image may contain a watermark with the website's name. If the website's name appears as a watermark on the downloaded image, they may offer the same image without the watermark for a small price.

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