What Is the Website ThinkCentral All About?


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ThinkCentral is an educational website that provides digital supplementary materials for elementary school teachers and students, states the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt website. These materials are available for reading and language arts, world languages, social studies, mathematics, science and health, among other available programs. ThinkCentral helps teachers with lesson planning, accessing students and enriching their curricula.

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Teachers use ThinkCentral to create virtual classrooms with materials students can access. The interface has a search option to find resources by keyword or state standard, and teachers can assign these resources to certain locations in their lesson plans using the mySmartPlanner tool. Depending on subject area, these learning materials might include electronic textbooks, links to learning websites and other services, videos, workbooks, animations, podcasts and activity guides.

ThinkCentral also acts as an assessment tool in that teachers can create their own computerized tests for students to take, in addition to assigning activities from ThinkCentral's database. After students take the tests, teachers can see the results and find additional materials to help struggling students, with ThinkCentral offering recommendations for prescriptive activities. Teachers can also visualize the performance of the class as a whole.

Students who access their ThinkCentral accounts get to see a list of assignments and tests, along with due dates and resources available for their classes from the site's library.

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