How Do You Know If a Website Is a Scam?


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One way to check a website for malicious content is to use the in-depth webpage scanner on webinspector.com. This checks one specific webpage in real-time for malware, phishing attempts, trojans and more. A quicker way to check a website is with urlvoid.com, which checks the online reputation of a domain from many different sources, also giving detailed IP Address information.

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A very simple way to check if a site is secure is to check if the URL begins with "https" rather than "http," meaning the webpage has an added layer of security that encrypts user-entered information. Https is seen when using online banking, shopping or accessing secure information. Note that just because a website is secure does not mean it isn't a scam, and even if a web domain begins with "https," the site can still gather information from users for malicious purposes..

It's important to make sure websites are safe and secure before entering secure information into them. Some websites try to give the appearance of security to gather user information for malicious uses. It's a good idea to report a malicious website on Web of Trust by making a free account. This helps future users from having their information stolen.

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