What Website Can You Use to View the Street Cameras Live?

A variety of websites, such as EarthCam.com, WebcamHopper.com and Opentopia.com provide ways to watch street-view cameras. Traffic cameras, or those that take pictures primarily of street intersections, are found on local Department of Transportation websites.

EarthCam provides a large array of locations in both the United States and worldwide. Streaming cameras provide views of everything from city streets, public structures, festivals and other locations. The site does not specifically focus on street views; it also has listings for zoos, state parks and wildlife reserves.

WebcamHopper contains a larger listing of street-view cameras specifically, and it displays feeds from all over the world, divided into regions. The site also categorizes camera feeds by types, separating beach views, animal cams, building views and daytime-only streams out from the other available streams.

Opentopia scours through various other websites for video feeds, and it provides a map feature that displays the geographical location of streams found, starting at those closest to the user. While the site defaults to using still images for streams, clicking on the viewing mode menu just above the image and changing to Live Feed provides an up-to-date stream.

Youtube also has live camera views, categorized as Travel and Events, though there are also street-view streams found in other locations under its Live channel listings.