Which Website Can Unscramble Letters?


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UnscrambleWords.com, WordUnscrambler.com, Unscramble.com and WordFinder.YourDictionary.com are websites that unscramble letters. Users enter a series of scrambled letters into the provided word boxes, and the websites return lists of words that use those letters.

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On UnscrambleWords.com, users can select the minimum and maximum lengths of the words they wish to find from the scrambled letters. Users can also input the letters they want the words to start and end with. Words are available from the Scrabble, Scrabble Europe and Words with Friends dictionaries. WordUnscrambler.com is an updated version of the site that allows users to sort words by the values they have on Scrabble and Words with Friends.

Unscramble.com contains many of the same features and adds a few more, including options to lock letter positions and filter out specific letters from the results. WordFinder.YourDictionary.com offers lists of words beginning and ending with each letter, as well as ones that only contain certain letters. Users can sort words by their lengths, as well as by the points they carry in Scrabble and Words with Friends. The site also has lists of words using only consonants or vowels, as well as words that only include two letters. Users can click on words to find definitions and sentence examples.

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