On Which Website Can You Find Free Desktop Backgrounds?

Websites where users can find free desktop backgrounds include WallpapersWide.com, WallpapersCraft.com and DesktopNexus.com. These websites let users specify a desired category, such as celebrities, holidays or sports, and use filters to select a desired aspect ratio and resolution before perusing the images.

After selecting a desktop background, WallpapersWide.com and WallpapersCraft.com provide an option to select a resolution, while DesktopNexus.com automatically detects the screen resolution of the user’s monitor and display an image of appropriate size. WallpapersCraft.com also features options that let users sort the desktop backgrounds by date, number of downloads and rating. Once the selected image loads, a user can save it as a JPG file and set it as a desktop background by selecting it from the Personalization screen in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.