What Is the WebMD Website?


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The WebMD website was created and intended to connect people who are on the Internet with doctors and other medical professionals. The site offers a variety of tools and information that can help people who are suffering from health issues.

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What Is the WebMD Website?
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The WebMD website was not created to help patients self diagnose. It was intended to help them better understand their symptoms and make a decision on when they need to see a doctor. The doctors who are on the WebMD site are real doctors. They do not intend to diagnose patients on the Internet. They are simply there to give information to patients.

Patients who are suffering from diseases or undergoing certain treatments can find a sense of community within the WebMD website. Other people who utilize the site may be going through the same health issues. People suffering with diseases can empathize with each other. The doctors on the website create articles and informational sections that are tailored specifically to people who are having certain issues in their life. The symptom checker tool that is available on WebMD is not able to provide patients with a diagnoses. It is intended to let patients know whether their symptoms need to be investigated by a doctor.

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