Where Are Webcams Sold?

Where Are Webcams Sold?

Webcams are sold online and in physical stores by the country's largest employer and the largest discount retailer in 2015: Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart sells over a hundred models online alone, with some selling for as low as under $10 in 2015. It carries brands such as Microsoft, Logitech, HP, Cisco and Micro Innovations.

Online, Amazon also sells thousands of webcams, from brands such as Microsoft, Gateway, Apple, Logitech, Sony and Panasonic, and at different price points. Depending on the feature set, some cost less than $25, while others cost more than $200. It sells models that support virtually all platforms: Mac, PC, Linux and smartphone.

Staples, the office supply chain, sells plenty of webcams, both with high definition and without HD, and from brands such as Brother, D-Link, Digital Innovations, Logitech, HP and Microsoft. It sells a few models for less than $10, as of February 2015. Office Depot, another office supply chain, also sells these personal peripherals.

Best Buy sells many brands of webcams. Most brands, in addition to selling at these retail partner locations, sell a choice selection of their webcams directly on their websites; for example, Microsoft sells webcams in the Microsoft Store Marketplace.

There are technology sites that enable readers to review and compare products such as webcams, and then click a button to buy the product from a retailer.