Who Is Weasel Zippers?

Weasel Zippers is an Internet blog that covers United States political issues from a self-identified conservative perspective. The authors of the site do not appear to make their full names known, but publicly available registrar information indicates the site is registered to Drew Fell of Lowell, Massachusetts.

Posts on the site are written by authors using the handles "ZIP" and "Nickarama." No further information about the authors is readily available, as of March 2015.

The site covers United States news with a focus on promoting Republican political messages and ridiculing politicians from the Democratic party. The site also advocates for the United States military and has regularly posted combat videos as a part of their War Porn series. They also maintain a regularly updated Twitter account.

In January 2015, the site went offline for some time and was reported to have been hacked. It was speculated that this was due to leaking a correspondence meant to organize a Black Brunch protest. The correspondence indicated that it was only to be forwarded to African-Americans. These protests have taken place across the country at restaurants on weekends.

The site has about 112,00 daily visitors and about 41 million yearly unique visitors. The site's purchase value is estimated at about $174,000 dollars.