What Is WB Digital Copy?

What Is WB Digital Copy?

WB Digital Copy is a service provided by Warner Bros. Studios that enables DVD and Blu-ray owners of certain Warner Bros. movies to transfer digital copies to portable devices for watching on-the-go. It is a limited-time bonus feature included when new movies are purchased.

Digital copies are always standard definition, not high definition, copies of Warner Bros. movies. The digital copy is of the main feature and does not include bonuses, such as commentaries or deleted scenes.

Each DVD and Blu-ray movie advertised as including a digital copy contains an authorization code, and the code can only be redeemed once. Codes are either printed on the disc insert or embedded in the disc itself. If no code is immediately obvious, a user must insert the disc into a computer, and the DVD-ROM drive will automatically read and transfer the code to WBDigitalCopy.com. Once the code has been redeemed, it is possible to transfer a digital copy of the movie onto a computer for redistribution to portable media devices or for playback without using the movie disc.

An Internet connection is required for the initial download of the digital copy. The transfer can only be made to one computer, and the digital copy is not playable on other computers.

The WB Digital Copy library includes popular movies such as the "Harry Potter" series, some of the "Batman" films and some "Scooby Doo" features.