What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot a PC When It Freezes Up?


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Two common reasons for a PC to freeze up are the PC receiving a heavier workload than it can handle and driver issues. Depending on the exact cause of the issue, you may be able to solve it within Windows or need new hardware.

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To determine whether or not your PC is under a heavy workload, right click the taskbar, and choose Task Manager from the list. Navigate to the Performance task, and examine the performance values. If the CPU or the memory values are at 100 percent, you must end some processes. Navigate to the Processes tab, select a process that you don't need for the moment, and click End Task. Alternatively, upgrading your PC components enables your PC to handle more demanding tasks.

Updating the drivers for your hardware components may solve the freezing problem if it's caused by a corrupted driver. To do so, click the Start button, and open Control Panel. Click System of Security, and then click Device Manager under System. Double click a device, navigate to the Driver tab, and click Update Driver. If you've recently added a new component to your system, update its drivers first.

If either application asks for administrative privileges, grant them. Restart your computer after a driver update.

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