What Are Some Ways to Troubleshoot Your Broadband Internet Service?


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Checking the wiring is one of the most straightforward ways to troubleshoot a broadband Internet connection. Frayed wiring can compromise service quality without causing it to completely go out. Both indoor and outdoor cables need to be checked, especially at locations where they terminate.

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Power cycling often works to restore the network to its default settings. Turning the router or modem off, waiting for 30 seconds, then powering the device back on again often restores service. Wireless settings sometimes throttle a broadband connection. Restoring the router to its factory defaults, then configuring its broadband and wireless settings once again can clear up this issue.

Certain wireless channels may sometimes be choked with communications, warranting the switch to a less crowded channel. Wi-Fi signal analysis programs such as Airmagnet can be used to find the optimal channel to be on.

Choppy broadband service can occur when there is a lot of noise on the line. A filter or splitter can be installed on the main line to mitigate this noise. Temporary ISP routing problems sometimes lead to high ping time. Usually, problems involving ping go away on their own once load on the network has subsided. Persistent problems may warrant a call to the ISP to inform it of the issue.

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