What Are Some Ways to Track Your Expenses Using a Spreadsheet?


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Expenses can be tracked by downloading a free expense-tracking spreadsheet and entering in all relevant financial information. Vertex42 provides access to a variety of spreadsheets, like the Family Budget Planner and Vertex42 Money Manager. It is recommended that users have basic knowledge of Excel before using these spreadsheets.

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Different budget spreadsheets have different specialties. The Vertex42 Money Manager spreadsheet is an all-purpose spreadsheet that offers users the opportunity to enter every purchase they make, just like a checkbook. Each purchase entered can be categorized to help users determine how much they spend on various types of products and services. Additional categories can be created if the existing categories listed in the spreadsheet are insufficient to describe a user's purchases. Further, users keep track of purchases on a per-account basis, which lets users separate expenses based on whether a purchase was made through a savings account, checking account, cash or another account.

Other worksheets have more specific purposes. The Wedding Budget spreadsheet, for example, is tailored for weddings. It offers categories for wedding clothing, flowers and wedding photographers. The Christmas Budget allows budgeting for gifts as well as for wrapping and decorating supplies. The Money Management Worksheet for Kids is designed to be simple enough to allow children to set their own savings goals and learn how to manage money at an early age.

All of these spreadsheets are customizable, so users can modify the spreadsheets for their own purposes.

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