What Are Some Ways to Get a Tablet for Free?

What Are Some Ways to Get a Tablet for Free?

Some ways to get a tablet for free include signing up for a smartphone plan that offers a free tablet as a bonus, signing up for a data plan that offers tablets at no upfront cost and receiving an old tablet from a friend or a family member. Schools and nonprofit organizations may also be eligible for charities that collect used tablets and distribute them to people in need.

Some phone carriers offer tablets as bonuses for buying specific smartphones or opting for specific plans. For example, AT&T offered Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets to customers who bought certain Samsung Galaxy smartphone models and signed up for a two-year contract or an installment plan, notes CNET.com. The promotion ran from the end of 2013 until January 2014, but consumers should be mindful of similar offers in the future.

In 2015, T-Mobile launched a promotion that offered free Alcatel OneTouch Pop 7 tablets with qualifying data plans, as reported by AndroidCentral.com. The offer included no upfront costs and did not build the cost of the tablet into the plans. Like the AT&T promotion, this T-Mobile offer was limited to a specific time, but similar deals are possible.

Sometimes, it is possible to receive old tablets from friends and family members when they upgrade to newer devices. This can be a good source for free tablets and other electronics.

Some charity programs, such as Computers With Causes, collect used tablets and other electronic devices and give them to schools in low-income areas or to nonprofit organizations. Administrators can contact these charities to see if their organizations qualify.