What Are Some Ways to Speed up Your Website?


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Some ways to speed up a website are to minimize the number of requests to render a page, reduce the server response time, use file compression, enable browser caching and streamline the underlying code. Other steps that reduce website load times are reducing the number of plug-ins, minimizing redirects and optimizing the size of images.

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What Are Some Ways to Speed up Your Website?
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Typically, 80 percent of the time a Web page takes to load is spent downloading the various components, such as images, animations, style sheets and scripts, that make up the page. The fewer components there are on a page, the less time it takes to load.

Streamline and simplify individual elements to speed up load times. Cascading style sheets load faster than many individual images. Reduce the number of style sheets by combining them into one external style sheet. Streamline the code that creates the Web page by removing extra spaces, line breaks and indentation. On WordPress sites, reduce the number of plug-ins by deleting any that are no longer in use.

Reduce the size of individual images by cropping them to the correct size, reducing the number of colors and removing comments. JPEG format typically delivers the smallest file size for images. Reduce the size of other types of files by compressing them in ZIP format.

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