What Are Ways to Send an Anonymous Email?


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To send an anonymous email, About recommends using a remailer or doubling up on security protocols by using two remailers to keep the communication encrypted. TechCrunch recommends using an online service called Leak. Tom's Guide lists steps such as anonymizing an Internet protocol address before using online services to encrypt messages. Some of these resources claim not to log IP addresses.

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What Are Ways to Send an Anonymous Email?
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Once an IP address has been anonymized, it does not mean a user is then safe to log into a personal email address and begin sending incognito messages. Instead, senders are cautioned to create a new dump email that is not traceable back to them. They can also use one of many utilities, such as AnonEmail or Amnesty Box, to relay a message to the recipient. AnonEmail works by bouncing a message around several different IP addresses before it finally reaches its receiver. However, the AnonEmail service is not ideal for senders who wish to include attachments. Amnesty Box dispatches messages to recipients after holding the messages on the company's servers for a time. A secure service that offers a completely disposable account, 10 Minute Mail offers an email service that self-destructs after 10 minutes and deletes all relevant communication with it.

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