What Are Some Ways to See Photos of Your House From Space?

To see photos of your house from space, navigate to Google Maps, Google Earth or Bing Maps and search for your home's address. These websites typically have no associated cost to customers and use images taken by satellite companies.

Google Maps allows you to zoom in on your home, rotate the view and move the perspective to neighboring homes. Google Earth is a free download that gives you a 3-D image of the Earth that you can then spin with your mouse to view a satellite image of almost any location. Some locations are intentionally blacked out by request of the U.S. government for security reasons. Bing Maps, owned by Microsoft, also displays satellite images of homes and received an update in July 2015 that provides more contextual information to its images as an attempt to compete with Google.

Satellite companies such as Spatial Energy, DigitalGlobe and Satellite Imaging Corporation own their own fleets of satellites and sell images of neighborhoods, landmarks and homes to businesses like Google and Microsoft. These images are not live, but they are typically no more than two years old. The satellites taking these pictures have the ability to capture objects as small as 18 inches and the range is usually a few hundred yards.