What Are Some Ways to Repair a Droid Maxx Cell Phone Screen?

What Are Some Ways to Repair a Droid Maxx Cell Phone Screen?

There is only one way of repairing a Droid Maxx cell phone screen, and that is to replace it. Once the screen or digitizer becomes damaged, the entire display will need to be replaced. The process requires removing the frame screws, battery and motherboard to access the screen.

Most smart phones make use of a special type of screen called Gorilla Glass. This glass is meant to prevent the phone from scratches and shattering. However, over time the glass can lose its resilience and may crack. To replace this screen on a Droid Maxx, use the following instructions.

  1. Remove the back plate
  2. Use a plastic pry tool to slide in and remove the back plate from the Droid Maxx.

  3. Begin removing the screws
  4. Use a Torx T5 screwdriver to carefully remove all of the screws in the Maxx motherboard, camera and frame.

  5. Remove the camera
  6. Gently pry the plastic tabs holding the camera in place and remove it.

  7. Remove the motherboard
  8. Remove the motherboard and disconnect it from the digitizer, and then proceed to replace the screen.

  9. Reassemble the phone
  10. Put motherboard, camera and other removed components back together. Make sure to tighten everything firmly, without damaging the phone. Then, reattach the back plate.