What Are Some Ways to Get Remote Computer Support?


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Obtain remote computer support through sites such as GeekBuddy.com, BoxAid.com and RemoteFixItNow.com, as of 2015. Each site allows users to contact technical support specialists to identify issues, make changes to the system and offer suggestions for further actions. It is also possible to use TeamViewer.com to connect with another person for private or company-based support.

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What Are Some Ways to Get Remote Computer Support?
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GeekBuddy.com allows you download a free program through which you may contact one of its support agents to obtain help diagnosing a variety of issues. The company offers a variety of service plan options to guarantee coverage over up to three different devices per year. It also offers security tools, online cloud storage for personal files and aid in configuring email accounts or external devices.

BoxAid.com uses a remote controlling program to allow agents to make direct changes to your computer over an Internet connection. The technician is then able to check various aspects of the computer, run tests and download the necessary programs to make changes.

RemoteFixItNow.com offers its online remote repair service at a flat rate of $85 per session. It also offers a phone support system, wherein a support agent is able to speak with you to guide you through the process of checking system aspects and making the necessary changes.

TeamViewer.com makes remote desktop viewing software you can use to connect to a friend or family member, or as part of a company support system, for help with issues.

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