What Are the Ways to Make the Degree Symbol on Computers?


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There are four ways to input the degree symbol including symbol dialog, direct entry, auto-correct and shortcut keys. Windows, Mac OS, and Unix systems allow symbol inputs.

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Mac OS requires the use of key commands for adding symbols that work across all applications on the computer. Option+Shift+8 creates the degree symbol close to the number, while Option+K creates the symbol slightly above and spaced from the number.

There are multiple ways to add the degree symbol in Windows. In word processing and similar programs, the degree symbol may be accessed through the symbol dialog option from the Insert menu, which also provides a shortcut key listing. The autocorrect option will replace typed characters with the symbol itself. Lastly, direct entry by holding the ALT key and typing 0176 will insert the degree symbol in almost any Windows program. Unix and Linux programs also uses direct entry or symbol dialog.

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