What Are Some Ways to Determine If Someone Has Searched for You Online?


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To determine if someone has searched for you online, use Google Alerts, Web-based alert systems such as Mention.com, or check your profile views on sites such as LinkedIn. BrandYourself offers a tool that shows the locations and workplaces of the visitors to the users' BrandYourself profiles.

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To enable Google to send you an email alert when your name appears on a website, blog post, forum or news page, open the Google Alerts page, type your name in the alert box, and select Create Alert. On the Show Options link, set how frequently you want to receive alert emails, and type the email address.

Mention.com focuses on social networks and provides mobile applications for Android and iPhone as well as applications for Chrome and Windows 8. The standard version of the service is free as of 2015, whereas a 14-day trial is available for the full version. The service allows you to select up to three conditions to the alert and the preferred language. You are also able to choose the sources of alerts, such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums. Once you have created your alerts, your Mention app detects when someone searches you.

LinkedIn shows the total views to your profile. Premium members can see full details of the views, whereas Basic members can only see a few of their profile views; however, neither the Premium nor Basic members can see the names of viewers who browse in private mode.

BrandYourself has a database of publicly available Internet protocol addresses of organizations. It matches the IP addresses of profile visitors with those in the database.

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