What Are Some Ways to Back up Your PC?

There are different ways a user can back up his PC. One option is to back up online using storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy or iCloud. These services offer free but limited storage. To get more storage space, the user has to purchase it. The advantage of using online storage service is that it allows a user to access his files and information from any computer that has an Internet connection.

Another option is to use an external hard drive. This storage backup is suitable if a user needs to back up many large files, such as multimedia files. If a user wants to back up small files, a flash drive, also known as a thumb drive, is more suitable.

A user may also choose to back up his files on a CD or DVD drive. The disadvantage with this method is that the drive may get damaged, lost, stolen or rewritten over. The advantage is that the drives are portable.

Another way to back up a PC is through Windows Explorer. Windows 7 has a backup utility feature that allows a user to make scheduled backups.

A user may also choose to install a backup program capable of backing up all the user’s data and files. Some notable backup programs include Todo Backup, Timeline Backup and Acronic Backup and Recovery.