What Are Some Ways to Get Free Apps Everyday?

Two ways to get free apps every day are to use App Gratis and the Apps Gone Free section of App Saga. Each site specializes in providing information to users about free apps for different digital platforms. App Gratis provides information about both iOS and Android apps, while App Saga only provides information about free iOS apps.

AppGratis.com allows you to choose whether they want free apps for their iPhone, iPad, or Android device. After you click on the relevant choice, the site provides a list of free downloads. The list contains the name of the app, its original price, and a brief description along with a link to download the app. You may also sign up for a daily email sent out by the site letting users know what apps are available for free each day.

The Apps Gone Free section of AppSaga.com focuses exclusively on iOS apps. The information is presented as a list containing the name of the app, a description, the original price and a link to download it from Apple's App Store. Some of the offers for free apps are time-limited, and App Saga regularly updates the list to show whether any offers have expired. Because the site primarily showcases apps that are only temporarily free, you should check the site often for new relevant deals.