What Are Some Ways to Adjust Bass on a Computer?


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To adjust the bass setting on a Windows computer, use the Windows volume control utility. To adjust bass on a Mac, use the equalizer function in iTunes. Bass can also be adjusted through the settings for many sound cards and via attached speakers.

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To adjust bass in Windows, go to the system tray and right-click "volume control." Click "playback devices," then "speakers" and "properties." Right-click on the sound device the computer is using, which should be labeled as the default. Look through the tabs on the page labeled "speakers properties" for a setting allowing bass adjustment. Some sound cards have settings for changing the bass balance and bass boost, often under the tab labeled "enhancements." If the setting for the sound card is not found in the volume control utility, open the control panel for the sound card and adjust the bass through the "audio effects" page.

On a Mac computer, open iTunes and select "equalizer." Use the sliders to choose the volume setting for each frequency. Lower frequencies represent bass. The iTunes equalizer allows for customization of sound for different types of audio and specific speakers. The software provides about 20 predefined levels for often-used equalizer settings. The settings can also be adjusted manually and saved as preferences.

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