What Is the Way to Zip a Folder on a PC?


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Once the folder or file to be compressed has been identified, simply right click on the folder or file, select "Send to" and then click the "Compressed (zipped) folder" option. A compressed folder is created in the storage location. The compressed folder can be renamed by right clicking the folder, selecting "Rename," then typing in the desired name.

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It is also possible to unzip or extract a zipped folder. Simply locate the compressed folder that needs to be extracted, and then double click the folder. Once the compressed folder is open, its contents can be moved to a new location. Alternatively, the folder can be extracted by right-clicking the folder and selecting the "Extract folder" option.

Compressed files and folders occupy less storage making them easier to transfer compared to unzipped files. File compression is ideally used when sending big batch of files via email. For example, 60 Microsoft Word documents with a combined size of 6 MB can easily be compressed to 1 MB or less by zipping them. Zipped folders and files can be manipulated the same way as regular folders and files. Combining multiple files and folders also makes the management of large files easier and more efficient. There are third party applications that can be used to compress and extract files.

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