What Is the Way to Update Android OS?

What Is the Way to Update Android OS?

Updating an Android OS is relatively simple and can be done over-the-air using just the device with the OS. Android is a popular operating system for touchscreen smartphone and tablet devices developed by Google. Android OS updates often are more stable than the previous release, operate faster, offer more features and improved features and even extend the length of time in between battery charges of the device.

The Android OS for mobile devices was first released on September 23, 2008. Android Lollipop version 5.0.1 was released in December 2, 2014.

While the method of updating the Android OS may vary among the different devices, the following are the basic steps that often need to be undertaken when updating the operating system.

Step 1: Review version type

Check what Android OS the device is currently running, as it may already be running the latest version. This might be the case if the device was purchased recently.

Step 2: Check the settings

Once the user confirms that the OS needs to be updated, proceed to the settings of the device. On most mobile devices, the "Settings" menu is indicated by a gear cog icon.

Step 3: Navigate the menus

On the "Settings" menu, navigate to the phone settings and then to the "About Phone" or "About Tablet" menu.

Step 4: Search for updates

The "About Phone" or "Tablet" menu will have an option for "Software Update" or "Software Update Check." Choosing either one will prompt the user to proceed with the update.

Step 5: Update phone

Selecting "Update" will download the latest OS. Once the download has finished, installation will be completed after rebooting the device.